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4-6 Persons Capacity Electric Rickshaw‎‎

The Battery operated Electric Rickshaw have taken metropolitan cities by storm. These are today amongst the preferred modes of transportation for both the driver and the passengers. These have relieved the rickshaw pullers from burden of carrying high load while they have offered a benefit to the customer of reaching to nearby location in lesser time. The e-Rickshaws are easily operated by batteries that get charged in just few hours and can run smoothly for longer distances. These are environment friendly and have high mileage. Requiring a battery charging time of about 6-8 hours, these are very beneficial and cost really less. Being highly beneficial for long run, these can cover a distance of about 80 kms to 100 kms in single charge. These electric battery rickshaws are highly beneficial in long run with just a little investment and low maintenance cost. Our battery operated E-rickshaws are non-polluting battery operated rickshaws.

⇒ Durable
⇒ Light weighted
⇒ Superior performance

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